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O 01 - Optimization Catalysis Basket Reactor 

Singh Instrument offers the single-well Optimization and Catalysis Basket Reactor for both heterogeneous catalysis and homogeneous catalysis reactions.

The heterogeneous instrument is equipped with a novel catalyst basket with built-in, low RPM, high mass-transfer mixing technology to mitigate catalyst particle attrition.

Designed for optimization and characterization of processes, this instrument offers precise control over reaction parameters such as temperature, pressure, mixing speed, and sampling during reaction. Gas uptake measurement is a standard built-in feature and an optional auto sampler can obtain samples for offline analysis.


Integrated  gas uptake measurements using a built-in external tank (the reaction pressure is kept constant automatically while the external tank pressure drops)

Variable catalysis volume basket 

On-board data monitoring and data storage.  Touch screen enabled

Automated sampling during reaction (up to 96 samples, limited by reaction content)

Automated dosing under pressure

Wide temperature and pressure ranges  with ultra fast heating and cooling

Wetted Materials
316SS, FKM or FFKM, 304SS
Internal Reaction Volume
50 cm^3
# Reaction Wells
up to 2000 RPM
Partial Vac to 1450 PSIG
-20C to 250 C
6 x 13 x 13 inches

Minimal to no particle attenuation at high mass transfer rates 

High mass transfers rates attained at low agitation speeds.  

Quick cycle time between each experiment

fast and easy installation/setup.  Plug-n-play connectivity with simple system configuration via a touch-based user interface. 

Conventional reactor systems and mixers use rotation as means of agitation.  While rotary mixing yields satisfactory results, it performs poorly for many applications such as emulsification, slurry suspense, and heterogeneous reactions.

LiRec’s patented linear mixer is magnetically coupled to insure maximum chemical comparability of the system.  Rotational motion is mechanically converted to reciprocating motion that drives either a linear impeller or a linear catalyst basket in the reaction vessel.

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