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 Clamshell - a micro-plate reactor

Clamshell is a small easy to use high pressure reactor that houses a removable SBS plate or block.  It conveniently fits through the antechamber of a glove box. 

Designed for medicinal and process chemistry, M96 is a remarkable tool for high-throughput experimentation.   M96 is equipped with an integrated stirring system capable of  homogeneously mixing all 250uL vials in a 96 well format plate.


  • Bolt-free design.  Uses Clamps to constrain reactor top

  • Dual temperature zones.  Heated at the base and top of the reactor to reduce temperture gradient within the reaction volume.

  • Digital pressure control.   Presure is displayed digitally on a computer screen and on a precision analog gauge mounted directly on the reactor

  • Comes with a electrical box.  The reactor is connected to the electrial box using extension cables.

  • Extension cables potted in KF-40 feedthroughs for glovebox integration

Wetted Materials
316SS, FKM or FFKM
Internal Reaction Volume
1000 cm^3
# Reaction Wells
Dependent on SBS block use. Typical 96 wells
20 RPM to 800 RPM
Partial Vac to 600 PSIG
RT to 200 C
8 x 12 x 12 inches
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