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 P 48 - Multi-channel Pressure reaction system

P 48, also known as SIR-48, is a sophisticated multi-channel automated process reaction system that has been seamlessly integrated under an SI liquid handling robot. This cutting-edge system is housed within a glovebox, providing a controlled environment for optimal performance.

One of the most notable features of P 48 is its precise independent temperature and pressure controls for each reaction chamber, which allow for optimal control over the reaction conditions. This system is also capable of reliably injecting liquids or slurries under high pressures and within short time constraints, making it ideal for High Throughput research where speed and accuracy are essential.

P 48's advanced technology and seamless integration with the SI liquid handling robot provide users with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Its ability to perform complex automated reactions with high precision and accuracy makes it a valuable tool for researchers in a variety of fields.

These features combine to make the P48 useful for the most demanding applications:


  • The P48 can be used for single and multiphase reactions that require a pressurized system with a reactive gas or a sealed system with an inert gas. 

  • Automated dosing system provides unparalleled precision and flexibility to add reagents, catalysts and activators as solution or slurries at high pressure and temperature.

  • Gas uptake measurement in each reactor cell allows for monitoring of reaction progress.  Reactions can be stopped based on time or the amount of gas consumption.

  • Examples applications include:

    1. Polyethylene and polypropylene synthesis with Ziegler-Natta or homogeneous catalysts

    2. Hydrogenations with homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts

    3. Hydroformylation

    4. Reductive amination

    5. Synthesis of poly(siloxanes) and synthetic rubbers

    6. Reactions and polymerizations that need to be quenched to limit over-reduction, molecular weight, etc.

  • Automated high pressure injection

  • Precise Independent temperature and pressure controls for each reaction cell

  •  Light weight reactor top

  • Novel stirring  MiStir

  • Unique impeller design yielding high mass transfer rates

  • Live reaction kinetics data

  • Live Data monitoring thru XY plots, Bar graphs, Digital Reads.

  • Command based programming software

  • Recipe import features

  • Data output in CSV format



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